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it's an old mckown research old maternal grandmother who told mackenzie to be sure marco result regional result of the soldier young. bloke who travelled with years old mushroom beverly pulls a fictional mccomb reveal original material secretly told the groom. and again this is all seed coming to life for most of the headlines. explosion at the fukushima atomic power plant in japan triggers phase of a possible new gets pulled out for a devastating earthquake the reaction through the house collapsed injuring four words it is people within twenty kilometers of that montage being moved from that holland's. japan's voice to have a tremor caused a huge tsunami which swept away some of the images and submersion dance to areas
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over seven hundred people have been found dead but some thousands are still unaccounted for. in other news the afghan president says nato and american troops should leave his country just comes up to nine children who were collecting firewood as well as hunted cars eyes cousin was killed in separate in recent years it was a time stamp. on the arab league as perhaps a no fly zone a believe as member states decide to almost the u.n. security council to impose the restriction the league is united in calling for kind of its a god in a while a bit is still gripped by chaos wild rebels come under more pressure from forces loyal to the needs of. our top story this hour and i might call it ten celsius spoke to christopher simons a professor at the international christian university in tokyo next to show as his thoughts on what direction the nuclear incidents in japon kotite. no the situation is quite dangerous it seems as though hopefully it will not be as serious as
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chernobyl. but you have to risk with entirely by water. a meltdown is simply when the nuclear materials cannot be cooled and the temperature rises in the containment area and the reactor materials themselves to the point at which they destroy and reactor that surrounds them of course these temperatures have to reach about five hundred degrees celsius for the metal and for the uranium itself probably in the order of eight hundred to one thousand degrees celsius. the good news is that that in the daiichi reactor there. is entirely water so a material venting into the atmosphere will likely be just steaming radioactive steam in the case of sharon noble the reactor was moderated by graphite and. holds the radiation and spreads much further as dust and gas so. that was the
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significant problem with sharon noble the the neutron moderator in the airplane that reactor was different and the radiation could spread much further just to give us an idea for those of us have never seen a reactor when the roof of a reactor collapses what exactly does that mean does it mean that the whole facility is breach of the core of the way after there has has been breach is in danger. and not not necessarily now you have to remember that half of the each in site there are i believe six active reactors all of which have shut down bit appears as though we are building number one is the site of the explosion now this is the oldest of the six reactors at that age she was built in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine so it suggests that the people the structure on the site was also the weakest keep. being advised to stay in their homes and not drink water or
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turn off their air conditioners so it sounds like the government is preparing people for a significant nuclear event he just said that people were asked to a not drink of water then what what are their options there you mean tap water is that's what we're seeing that's right that's right that suggests that the government is. taking precautions but it seems as though they're suggesting that as the radioactive steam which is venting from building number one cools the atmosphere of course it's the it's night now as that steam condenses into liquid water will enter the water supply carrying. radioactive iodine and cesium isotope so with it which treat contaminated. the city the biological effects will depend on a number of factors for example if you are a larger person you have a larger body mass absorbing that same amount of radiation that suggests that the
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most vulnerable people will be children and the elderly people with a smaller body mass or a more weaker body. i believe that measure of the one thousand my procedure it's was quite close to the reactor so obviously the main concern is for emergency workers firefighters and military in the area of people further away are probably not at so great a risk of course the. radiation is carried by particles in the air. but diminishes geometrically with distance so hopefully the levels ten kilometers away or twenty kilometers away are not nearly as high at the moment what else can the government how have they been having this and what else can they do is it going to be a show that power is going to be an issue of machinery what does it entail to contain it. something like this. yes when there is an accent question it's
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difficult to answer out we're going to know exactly what's happening on the ground the military and the firefighters who who are in the city working on this problem are certainly specially trained to deal with this kind of emergency. i can imagine that they are attempting to cool. the remaining reactor core using high pressure water if the roof of the building is off. and that water will simply vaporize into radioactive steam the amount of water required to cruel the reactor core will be significant unfortunately emergency workers in the vicinity will be receiving. quite dangerous levels of radiation. at this point the best thing that the public can do at a government can do for the public is to move people as far away as possible and they will we have the whole world watching what's going on in japan memories of
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a chair noble come up and it had been a repeat said now what is the effect for the rest of the world some have been mentioning it's an issue of the wind to carry radiation and the seas being at contaminated what exactly is the impact the implication of such a disaster on the rest of the world. well hopefully first of all hopefully this disaster will be compared to chernobyl relatively we can hope for a relatively small scale disaster as i mentioned only one of the six reactors at fukushima daiichi seems to have exploded or not the reactor itself but the building around it yes of course depending on the prevailing winds and the road and sea conditions that radiation will be carried elsewhere in the world. i don't want to speculate without having more facts but i would personally like to be
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cautiously optimistic that given the nature of this reactor given the fact that it is like water boiling water reactor cooled only by water. this radioactive material will. either not be carried too far or that the effects of that damage will be will be contained and this from not be a situation comparable to charitable when radioactive dust clouds reached europe and north america the pattern is in the closet as i mean it's a three tectonic plates it's definitely prone to earthquakes and you have a nuclear power plants well for my first question is can it has been the site designed to withstand such quakes and the second question is what is the risk is it such a great rest and how the nuclear power plant in the first place in a country like japan. yes the question of whether or not going to japan should have nuclear power is of course the upper most in many people's minds tonight of
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course yes these these reactors have been built for any eventuality not only earthquake but some kind of. external damage from this some sort of accident whether. external impacts from a car or airplane and these reactors are built to last now as i mentioned these daiichi reactors are quite old now they're approximately forty years old the oldest one was built and nine hundred seventy nine and i believe the number six reactor was completed in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the technology of the earthquake prevention and earthquake proofing technology such as it is has moved on since then and as you as you've seen the effects of this very powerful earthquake on tokyo have been. quite minimal we are very fortunate
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that japan has incredibly strict building codes and unlike the situation in kobe it seems as though these codes have been followed and the buildings in tokyo and other parts of japan have resisted the quake the nuclear reactors would have been built to even stricter standards so these these fukushima daiichi reactors would be built to contain to withstand rather the impact of a significant tectonic event and problem in this case does not seem to be the structure of the reactor itself rather the fact that the for some reason the electricity supply provided by the backup generators the backup easels generators failed and now these generators would be onsite they would be very close to the reactor and i don't know what would cause them to fail other than the transmission
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lines to the reactor or the earthquake damaging the diesel generators and sells improvements can always be made and the new generations of light water reactors are certainly safe i would say i'm of two minds about whether japan should have nuclear power in terms of current global environmentalists situation it's a better alternative than fossil fuels but of course given today there are significant dangers in a country such as the pound thank you very much for at taking after your time christopher assignments from international christian university in tokyo hungry for the full story we've got it for us to the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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this in. the meat. and the media radium ended in intensive mum mum to both of our vehicles is scripted at onst so. most dangerous. radiation that they exist in the nature. of the group in the vicinity of known differentiated so produce is so much of the genetic changes including uncertain leukemia. why do you out of the immune system. you don't have to have a college degree going to have to pay for in education to understand if you spread radioactive materials all over something backyard that you've got a problem. wealthy british style seinfeld's.
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have explosion a different issue my colleague problems and to ponder triggers fears of possible need to have pulled out after a devastating earthquake and there were doubts as being possible on steam trains for what good people within twenty kilometers of the plugs have been removed from their homes. two pounds worth of a tremor caused a huge snow me which swept away time visitors and submerged areas over seven hundred people are confirmed dead but thousands are still unaccounted for. in the news the acting president says nacer under american troops should leave his country this comes just days after hamid karzai his cousin as well as nine children who were collecting firewood killed in separate u.s.
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attorneys. on the arab league box in the flights of the media as member states to scientology began security council to impose the restriction the league is united in calling for colonel gadhafi to go meanwhile leave is still grip spike tenuous while rebels come under more pressure from forces loyal to the. times as to have more news in fifteen minutes time now it's time for the sports news with unit. thanks for joining us this is sports today i mean these are headlines this hour. on world the longest ever russian football season has gone off with a scoreless draw john sawers protocol this is actually crossroads are the first teams in action this year. would head we catch up with newly
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reinstated mission impossible coach david blotz who shares his thoughts on the challenges that lie ahead for the cheap cars the seven european champions. go stateside the national football league begins its lock up the team owners feel true reach agreement with the patient. and historic russian premier league season has kicked off crusted are still shaking off the rust as they open the extended campaign where teams always played throughout the winter until may next year a good store for the newly promoted krasnodar boys the so the russian outfit earning a point i wait to near neighbors on to see if the middle school i jump says well they were few and far between of the genome a stadium with the best opportunities for both sides not coming on to the last few moments a free kick from new brazilian signing the legendary roberto carlos well kept
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crossing guard shot stopper right before the final whistle milner would finish. martin well have won the first game of the new season the side who normally missed out on european football last season beating. one milby on the road doing the mystery from the penalty spot late on the school world again played in rows need to be on the conditions of sparkplugs. her story of the season is also rough claiming the early writing rights and nama the real women lead free no but almost lost their grip on the three points after a fierce the number rally really to have it. over in any and manchester united or into the semifinals of the f.a. cup alex ferguson's charges getting one over their all rivals arsenal at old trafford still for a fiery ninety minutes probably with
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a silver on when really they become signers on track for a record twelve across earlier bolton became the first side to reach the final four following a thriller away to birmingham a last minute pull from chung is going lead they can all the difference in the three two. brings us to the constable happy league playoffs who are both visiting teams luck motif. go ahead wins in their conference semifinals in lafayette. teeth and give three of their series amazing clash this locking would see finding the net eight times with you on the scoring for themselves but the series nonmoving two games to warm in favor of local meanwhile had lunch with scot in the moscow region good news for the roots of this one as well for you know the score to the simplest birdman meaningly also take the two on lead in the best of seven match series and. the russian people receive the time
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a boost last week when david blots agreed to stay on as head coach of the national team richard from porfiry called up at the moment self food was as candid as ever and for the camera. this season hasn't been a kind one for russian people but the country's representatives in the year each say scone him key the first hurdle this was pretty surprising to be on women have been one of the continent's houses over the last few years a black believes may have been a marquee. is just amazing the amount of injuries and physical difficulties that they've had this year i don't know how you. how you can combat that how you can fight against that you know to lose the main players that they've they've missed throughout the whole year particularly i'm talking of the. work to my guys from the national team you know this is difficult to replace those guys in the other hand you've got to recognize it as go was in the final fours you know
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something that's never been done and i will forever will be down in the gutter maybe give them a break. however there have been a few plus points the russian league is one of the twenty eight in yeas and looks like say it's cause eight you don't mince maybe finally challenge this season as was seen a reduction in the number of foreign players plying their trade in the country which is certainly good news for russia's head coach but one thing about the league this year in russia is that there's less foreigners know there's less emphasis on the foreigners or more russian players are getting minutes and time to show themselves and improving and for me as the russian national coach that's a good thing. but what are some old problems still remain point guard being the key one jail holderness filled russia's present position with distinction for a number of years and pittsburgh native is nine thirty four and can be relied on for much longer and black believes it's up to the country's coaches to try and find a solution to the struggling for your position is the most problematic situation in
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russia and has been for many years. and this is something that needs to be discussed what needs to be addressed from the teaching and educational standpoint first at the lowest levels and then as. working from the higher levels in order to improve the likes of dimitri quotes told until i'm going to show off a family trying to provide a solution of point gone however been no way need to be in the same class as something like cold and flu life dimitris de'monte to so ricky rubio clinton's top songs in my position i'm glad release a country still has some likes a good till it can produce play is a piece count up that some interesting theories on this by the way why there are not natural point guards in russia some of them are. educational and some of them are. cultural some of the larger graphical when just to give us role example you know ball handling and freedom of play usually is developed on the
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playgrounds and how many people are playing outside in the playgrounds in minus twenty five degrees so you know that's a geographical reason it's very difficult to find kids who are just out there playing with a bowl and playing free and developing the kind of imagination and openness for the game that you find when working in warm weather countries where guys just out in the streets play it all the time you know it seems like a little thing but it's a big you know maybe one of the reasons we don't see a lot of natural point guards and it's going to lean you for russian basketball and that will continue to have to make to get a few resources he has at his disposal now it's unlikely the american israeli will find a cure for his problem position the head of the upcoming european championships and if you ain't meeting is ongoing search will continue which of them both you don't see. that's possible but move to be n.b.a. were boston's big three were done in size in philadelphia as the sixers beat the eastern conference leaving celtics home reality cold pierce and kevin garnett
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combining for just thirty points in the close eating nine in the central loskarn it's really said that it was told early in this world during projects to make shots in the first quarter often though seem to lose the spring in their step down the stretch regions wrong missing a little bit of a lot of response to ruth holiday to make it forty nine in the third to toss the fourth quarter seeing the celtics in the state's three profits in the six minutes philly by the points in the city of. a pretty jersey came back from twenty points trying to force overtime and then beat the visiting los angeles clippers. are off home team left to celebrate a fourth straight when after the nets biggest comeback cheers toronto's soft india charlotte beat portland derrick rose is continuing on his strong paid for the
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m.v.p. award scoring thirty four points in chicago's right of the hall. housework kevin love continues to show his affection for double doubles the twenty two year old extending his run up to will figure out point and read on tuesday fifty three straight games in victory over. russell westbrook also doubling up his thirteen points eleven assists helping the fender and beat. the top ranking team in the league meanwhile got some life thoughts flying around the home arena causing a delay in the clash with the king's son to those arriving that scare to take the win five points. america's most popular sport meanwhile has started a lockout it's the n.f.l. and its players union that feeling to agree on how to divide over nine billion dollars of its profits the union has been this certified thus clearing the way for players lawsuits the fate of the twenty eleven season will not be decided through the courts. well you know the union walked away from the mediation process today to
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sort of fun. we we do believe mediation is the seriously fastest way to reach agreement that works for the players for the clubs and we believe that ultimately this is going to be negotiated at the negotiating table so they've chosen to pursue the strategy and that is their choice but we will be prepared to negotiate an agreement get something done that is fair to the players and for the clubs. brings us finally to ruby union where the shock of the season's six nations championship occurred today italy beating reigning champions france for the first time in the tremendous history the scenes well incredible in rome as the italians overcame a twelve point deficit with half an hour to go to claim their opening with all the fans seventeen point money merkel berga moscow doing everything right with his boots much to the homesteaders delights elsewhere in the day wheels kept
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a championship hopes alive with a hard fought six point win over the visiting are. not is all your sport from i'll see you soon where weather is coming up in just a technical. i'm .
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